Can You Differentiate The Datagram Networks And The Virtual Circuit Networks?


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Both of these networks are the types of packet switched networks.

Virtual-circuit network: as the name shows that it is a network that is created virtually between two end systems. An identifier named by virtual-circuit identifier is allotted to the VC network, when at the start the two end systems are establishing a connection between each other. All the packets in the VC network contains a VC-ID that is present in the header of the packet. When any packet came to the packet switch, then the switch check the VC-ID of that packet, after checking send that packet to the selected end system, via checking its destination from the VC-ID. VC-ID is used for the checking of desired destination of that packet via indexing table.

On the other hand, in the datagram networks, every packet passes over the network included in the header the packet target's address. When any packet came to the packet switch, then the switch check the part of the target packet address and then move the packet to the contiguous switch. After that switch send the packet to its selective outbound link.

Quite the opposite to the VC networks, the datagram network do no create or keep the state information of the connection in its switch.

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