Are there any fun online websites where you can adopt a virtual baby , like babydow and not babyvillage , or babyvalley or secondlife?


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You seem to already know about the main virtual baby adoption games that are currently being offered; there are, unfortunately, no more online that are free to use at the moment.

Perhaps using one of these would be your best option, or consider creating an account where you can adopt and look after the well being of a pet, as there are plenty of good websites for this that you can use, such as

  • What is howrse?

Howrse is an online game that allows you to own, and take care of, your very own horse or pony!

Starting with the birth of your foal, which you must help its mother to rear, you can enter racing and barrel competitions, as well as get a job as either a farrier, a groom, or even a vet.

By moving up to a higher level, you can open up new features of the game, such as the ability to open your own farm and stables, which other users may stable their beloved pets in, or even put your mare in foal, or offer your stallion up as a stud. You can even take a visit to the auctions, where you can buy a new companion, perhaps one that can earn you virtual money (through races) to buy apples and other supplies at the local shop.

  • Where to find more information on howrse

You can get more details on the game and how to play by visiting their website. Joining is easy; just provide them with a username (which other users will know you by) and a password that will secure your account. A valid email address will be required too, so that howrse may send you a confirmation message.

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