How do i get text from my boyfriends phone sent to me?


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Other than physically stealing your boyfriend's phone and reading text messages that are sent to him as they are received, there is no way you can gain access to his messages.
  • Phones are set up exclusively for that user
When you sign up for a mobile phone you are issued with a unique phone number and it is that number that all calls and messages are directed to. You cannot get messages sent to another phone without the user actually sending them on to you deliberately.
  • Accessing phone messages can be seen as an invasion of privacy.
There is an issue of privacy with people's phones and particularly their messages. If you are attempting to gain access to your boyfriend's messages in order to snoop or spy on him in some way, this is a serious breach of his private information. Extreme cases of hacking into phone accounts could even see the police becoming involved.
  • Old fashioned communication is often a better option.
If you want to read these messages due to doubt about what your boyfriend is up to or you think he may be cheating, it is probably better that you talk to him face-to-face about your concerns. His actions could be perfectly genuine and you snooping or reading his messages could end up doing more harm. Give him the opportunity to explain his behaviour before jumping to conclusions.
  • Cell phone network providers are the only ones that can access messages.
In extreme cases, such as police investigations, network providers can often provide a log of calls and messages, yet this is usually only done when the police become involved in a missing person investigation for example.

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