How To Get My Boyfriend Text Messages Sent To My Phone?


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The simplest answer to the question how to get my boyfriend's text messages to my phone can be found at This is, however, not really a good idea.

  • It is wrong
Not only is it basically illegal to read someone else's messages, just like it is illegal to tap into an individual's phone or read their mail, it is also morally wrong.

  • Asking the right question
The real question should not be how to get my boyfriend's text messages, but why do I feel the need to get them? There is obviously a major trust problem in the relationship if this sort of measure is under consideration.

  • Who is at fault?
This is the time to do some really hard thinking. If he is the type of guy who simply can not be trusted, and who would deny everything if he was confronted with a suspicion, even if the allegations were true, then it would be best to end the relationship right now anyway.

If, however, he happens to be a generally good guy who would not stray under normal circumstances and is not really giving any kind of obvious reason for suspicion, there are two possibilities.

Either he made a mistake, in which case he is likely to get really upset and end up confessing if confronted, or the suspicions are based on unwarranted jealousy, which will have to be dealt with before it destroys a perfectly good relationship.

  • Betrayal of trust
Ultimately, the only way to find out what is going on is to talk to him. Going through his text messages is not the way to deal with it. Even if he is innocent, if he finds out what happened, he will feel betrayed. This could lead to a break-up anyway.
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Simple...when you have access to his phone, just forward them to your number. His hone will stop receiving them and yours will get them.
Do you really want to do this.? Major trust issue here...Dump the idiot if there is a problem before you end up marrying the clown.

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