Should children be allowed to use computers?


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I think it depends on the age of the child and their level of maturity. I'm assuming by "use the computer" you mean go on the internet right?
Ultimately, it's a parent's responsibility to monitor and mentor their children so they need to put appropriate measures in place to ensure their children aren't coming into contact with anything harmful and know how to surf the net safely.
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I think they should be allowed to do anything, that's how they learn.
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Arthur Wright
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Agreed but children should first learn to think on their own before going to a computer
manasa keshav
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Ya,as the world is computerized they have to and can understand the things more clearly.
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The sooner the better. It is a computer world and why limit them?
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What happens when electricity and better still, the internet provider goes down? Most cant think for themselves without a computer but without neither, the child is lost so leave computers for JR and SR years of High School and beyond
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Under parent supervision...I personally hour is enough for them
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I am a kid, and my mom and dad wont even let me use the computer because we are Christians, and my dad says that he will probably never put my profile on, and I think that's stupid.

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I am a student and by using internet or other social media we can interact with each other and can share the things clearly  and creates environment for studying

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I think humans should use computers a soon as they are able to. Since their are bad things on the web, at a young age kids should have restrictions, but once they are around 10 or earlier they should get full access to everything. The internet isn't any more dangerous than drug dealers and people that kidnap children. If a child seems to be using the internet in bad ways, restrict what he can visit a bit. Every time he is caught doing something "inappropriate", restrict what he can visit a bit more. If you're sure that he's using the internet wisely you can start to take away the restrictions.

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Yes but only with parental supervision until they become responsible enough to be on here alone which sometimes never happens as witnessed by many kids on here
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Yes but only under supervision or else when you have all records that what is being watched n all...past history is very important children should know whatever iam doing my parents will check history later..
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It depends on the parents' idea, as for me, I have allowed my child to go on internet since she is only 9 yrs old, as I think they learn somethings quickly than adult, then we should let them try, but we have to supervise them too.

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