Which application layer protocol allows administrators to log into a server from remote locations and control a server as though logged in locally?


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File transfer protocol is the application layer protocol that allows administrators to log into a server from remote locations and control the server as though logged in locally. File transfer protocol is also known as FTP. This type of server system has many benefits, but using it will generally require passwords and administrator privileges. To learn more about the various layer protocols for servers and computer systems, study of computer science and computer networks may be helpful.

  • Where to study

There are plenty of places to learn more about the world of computers; courses on programming, networks, and computer systems are available to help students grasp the basics of using computers and running application layer protocols for servers. Often, some facility with computers will be an asset, as some people just seem to have a natural knack for technical matters related to computer systems and network servers. In some cases, even people with little or no knowledge of computer systems and servers can soon learn exactly how application layer protocols function in various types of networks.

  • How to study

Learning by doing is one option - however, you'll need the right equipment, such as hardware, software, and Internet connections, as well as the proper network passwords and privileges. Being taught by a friend is a great way to learn while doing, and so is hiring a tutor or consultant to help you master the intermediate and advanced skills you need to create and run computer systems.

Most computer systems are quite complex, so learning the ins and outs of logging into servers from remote locations may take a little time and effort. Understanding how each application layer functions is the key to understanding how easy or hard it will be to dial in from a remote location and control a system.

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