Why Is My Ps2 Overheating Really Fast And The Fan Is Working. What Do I Do?


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First make sure it is plugged into a power strip with a fault interrupter.then make sure it is on a open shelf so it can release it's heat and have air circulating around it.then see if it still does it. If it does ,unplug it and if you know how to remove the cover and blow out the dirt/dust inside the case..then put ti back together and see if that helps any ...then check the power pack supply cord and see if it is overheating more than normal you could have a faulty ac/dc adapter/power pack....if these are not any of the problems causing it, I would say you have a internal problem with the ps2 itself and maybe you need to put a cooling fin or fan on the unit if you are playing it constantly...if none of this helps then I would say the system itself is getting worn out ...I just replaced the cooling fans on pc last night  because they were not running as fast as they should because they were old and worn out...I found a replacement fan called a tricool fan by antec where I can switch the fan between low/med/hi depending on how much I use my computer...I'm taking it that you are talking about a ps2 game system and not a pc..I would get a cheap portable clip fan and place it so it blows directly across the ps2 circulating more air around the unit cooling it faster if you don't find anything really wrong with it by checking it out....hope this helped...I've even heard of computer guys talking about water cooled towers..however I don't know if they mean a water jacket or actually running water through tubing circulating it throughout the tower drawing all the heat away from the computer tower...(sounds a little dangerous/costly to me )aaaannnnyyyywwwwayyy later
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Be careful about messing with electronics if you don't know about electricity(stored in the system) you could receive a nasty shock...
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I fixed my overheating problem!  Blow out the fan, then blow out the holes under the fan and anywhere else you can blow compressed air.  After doing this mine still "Overheated"... Only until I unplugged the button battery used for memory backup for 10 min, then plugging it back in did it solve my problem.

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I'm having the same problem and I guess the best thing to do is leave the ps2 off for awhile and let it cool down.

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