Why Do My Games Run Slow On My PC?


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Your games could be running slow due to a couple of reasons. First of all, your processor may not be fast enough to run the game. For example, if the game that you have purchased requires a 600mhz processor, such as games like 'The Sims', and yours is only 200mhz, then the game will not run correctly. You can solve this problem by upgrading your processor to a faster speed, though this may not guarantee that the game will run much faster.

PC games do tend to crash quite easily, regardless of whether or not your processor is fast enough. Another reason why your game is running slow could be because you are running more than one program on your computer. It is better to quit all other programs before you run the game. If you want to multi-task by running more than one program at once, then maybe you could add more RAM to your computer.

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About a week ago my pc games were working normally but now it is working slow
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I think this is your  RAM problem ...If not then it is registry errors problems....You have to try for software for registry cleaning...This will solve your problem
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Hey dude, you have not mentioned your PC configuration. If you have good PC configuration, there is a problem in your registry. Clean it with good quality registry cleaner from download-registry-cleaners. Which will help your slow slow PC problem. Best of luck.
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I think you should download registry cleaner to clean up registry files from your system.
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Dear you should increase the size of your VGA Card and also the Size of your PC Ram. After this your games will run fast and you enjoying very much.
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You can speed up your games by:

-- cleaning system junk
-- optimizing computer services
-- optimizing internet
-- repairing registry
-- defraging registry
-- clearing browsers junk

do these things with some secure tool such as Intel Software Partner Reginout.


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