How Do I Fix A Paper Jam On A Cannon Mp250 Printer?


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The first thing you must do is find how you can open up the printer.

  • Like most, it looks like the scanning bed of the Canon MP250 will open
The area that opens where you can install your printer cartridges is usually where you have to reach in order to fix the paper jam. This Canon looks like your typical home all in one printer/scanner. It means you can open the lid where the printer cartridges are and see the wheel where the paper is rolled through.

  • Look to see if there is any paper stuck in this area
If you can spot the paper you should just be able to pull it out; however, it can sometimes be hidden. This means you have to get the printer to cooperate. If it is stuck in the corner you may have to get the printer ink out of the way to check the corners. Depending on the underneath area you may also be blocked by other printer parts from seeing the corners.

  • If you cannot see the paper within the printer, try to find a smooth edge you can use
For example a very thin ruler or other item that is as thin as paper can be stuck in the corners of the machine from where the paper enters. In this area you can stick the ruler through to try and push any paper out.

Most of the time, a paper jam is caused by the smallest piece of debris, so you do have to remove any larger paper that you can first. Once you think you have all the paper removed, try and test the printer by sending a blank sheet of paper through. Often this will push out any remaining paper.
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To do that, first open the scanning bed of
your printer. You may be able to spot the jammed paper and gently remove it. Most
of the cases this would solve the problem. This commonly happens with the
smallest pieces of debris that would have got stuck. After all this, test the
printer by adding a blank paper through it and it’ll push our any remaining
paper that would have been jammed. For more information and help, you can call
the printer technical support number.

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To Fix paper jam on Canon printer pull gently on the jammed paper,taking care not to tear it.In most cases, this will remove the jam. Press the flashing "printer jam" button. This will allow the rotors to turn and facilitate the release of the jam. Get more information and help from here for fix your problem.
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Mine does that too, been like it for months, and when it takes the paper it takes it at an angle and purposely jams it

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