How Do You Fix A Paper Jam?


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One addition to what zuhail said and it works as well on ink jet printers as well. Try to remove the paper in the direction it was going. That is, pull it through as it tends to tear more if you try to take out out in reverse.

Many times, laser printers will be picking up a piece of paper at the same time it is putting toner on another piece of paper and a third piece will be exiting to the tray so you may have to remove several pieces of paper to clear the jam.

Also, sometimes you have to turn the printer off, then back on to clear the error. If, by chance, you tore the paper when trying to remove the jam, the likelihood that the piece that tore stayed in the sensor is about 90% (murphy's law) so you mave have to get a pair of tweezers to get it out but MAKE SURE THE PRINTER IS OFF because you don't want to get zapped.
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It is very easy. If it is a laser printer then open the cover of the printer and take out the printer cartridge, you will see the paper just remove it from there. But if you can't see the paper then some printers have an exit at the back with a little cover. Open it and remove the paper. Be creative and don't be afraid.
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Call somebody to fix the dam thing

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