How Do You Get Past That Dude At Mahogany Town Blocking The Road To Blackthorn City In Pokemon Heart Gold And?


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- Buy a RageCandyBar.
- Go to the Lake of Rage and capture/beat the Red Gyarados. (You should recieve a Red Scale later on. Give it to Mr. Pokemon and he'll give you a Exp. Share.)
- Talk to Lance, the Champion. Go with him to the house with the weird satalite turning out to be hiding the Team Rocket HQ.
- Beat all of the Team Rocket Executives and the Electrode. Then Lance will give you the HM Whirlpool.
- After Team Rocket HQ you can go battle Pryce, the Gym Leader.
- Battle Pryce and defeat him. (You can't battle him until you after the Team Rocket HQ event.)
- Pro. Elm should call you about strange radio broadcasts and it turns out that Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. Go to Goldenrod City.

And the rest you should figure out. After you beat Team Rocket at Goldenrod City then you can go to back to Mahogany Town and continue to Blackthorn City. Good luck!

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