How Do I Get Shaymin Sky Form On Pokemon Soul Silver?


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Sky Forme Shaymin: (Press Select)
94000130 FFFB0000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
180E4238 763F0000
C3EB96C7 C292E711
96931DC0 2BB17629
886E203F FD552060
3916D22B 9439815F
A141ED70 C8954C02
39BF48FF A74A4CA3
A40C062A 10AA1469
9E3DF728 BA8ED239
7F1D90A1 FDE9513A
D5F03498 96E278FB
5986568D 5D8176A3
B199705A 5320B036
6EB5F26A F5051FD3
D2000000 00000000

its for Soul Silver and I don't know about Heart Gold Press Select and go to box 1 and it should be their I tried it my self and it worked
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Have Shaymin as your active pokemon, and simply walk into the flower shop in Goldenrod city. (The little shop next to the towns gym.) The girl will automatically walk up to you. It ONLY works for legit Shaymins. Ones you get from Nintendo events.
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It just gave me a bad egg
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Code works, only problem is that wen I add it to my party, my game freezes
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Have shaymin in first party then go to the flower shop in goldenrod city and a girl will talk to you and then she will give you a gracidea flower
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Shaymin are only in platinum you have to trade to get it
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Hey!! If I have Shaymin form movie08 can I change from shaymin to sky form

in pokemon Soul Silver.

Someone tell me that it must be shaymin from platinum

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