Need Codes For Innovage Jumbo Remote For Jvc, Can You Help?


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The codes are 013,054,055,060,065,067,089
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You can search the codes for any device by: Switch on the device (i.e. Jvc, TV, DVD, etc.) and hold the code search button. Wait till you see the red light blinks on the remote. After this push the device button once. Select the control button (top right) to see if the device switched off. The codes will move ahead automatically, so push power button and wait for few second (if device turns off, again). It is better that you keep on pressing and pausing to find the right code without missing it. Once the Jvc device switched off, then select the enter button to save the settings.

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I got the tv a jvc to turn off once but the code search just continues to go through the codes to no evale andy suggestions

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