What Is The Uses Of Internet And How Can We Connect The Internet At Home And Lab?


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There are a number of uses of internet like it can be used to get information about any subject of the world. It has shortened the distances through communications. You can use it to chat with your friends and even you can talk as well. You can increase your networking across your borders via internet. You can use it as an entertainment tool for listening music, playing games etc. Use of internet as a business technology is also increasing via Ecommerce. There are thousands of online companies which are doing business over internet.  

For accessing internet you can go for dial up connections, cable connections or DSL. There are faster technologies as well but these are suitable for home use, however in Lab a DSL technology is appropriate.

I am uploading Dial up picture and please click on the link for DSL pic: DSL
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Brett Lee , iiNet 1800-431-401 Customer Service Number-24*7 Support, answered

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iiNet Offered many services to its users which can
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d.  VDSL2

e.  WiMax

f.  Wifi

2.  Business

a.  Business

b.  Cables

c.  Web

d.  Domains

e.  Web

f.  Shopping

g.  VPN

h.  Net
Lync Desk Phone

These Services are offered by iiNet Service. Problems
are arises in every service. Just Like;

1.  Connection

2.  Internet
is not working

3.  Wiring

4.  Other

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