How To Get Netflix On A Dsi?


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Netflix is a online space where you can watch movies and TV shows online. You will be able to get this on the DSI in the future and there are different software updates happening to make this possible.

- Partnership

This is seen as a partnership between the two companies that will rival partnerships with other online film and TV sources on games consoles. What makes this partnership different from the rest is that the DSI is portable. This gives it the unique selling point of being able to watch and use the two in conjunction anywhere that wifi is available.

- DSI screens

One thing that has made this possible is the better screens on the new versions of the DSI. These have been made so that they are larger and have higher pixel quality, enabling them to be used as TV screens in addition to gaming screens.

This advance has come about due to the increasing quality of screens on cell phones which also run the capability to play movies and TV shows. One thing that differs is the size and this is where the DSI has an advantage.

- Watching TV and film online

TV and film is big business, and over recent years there has been a massive push towards watching these online and also on portable devices. This is seen as part of the boom in changing the way that TV and film are watched and putting the control over when and where the consumer watches in their own hands. This is set to grow further and has seen a massive rise since the launch of the iPad.

- iPad

The iPad has made this more accessible to the public as there are more people out there that now carry a device to watch TV on. In the past this has just been laptops. Now that they are more readily used devices, the people that produce sites such as Netflix are focused on maximizing their viewers by making it available on as many platforms as possible.
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You can't yet, as Netflix doesn't have a chip or a channel for the DSI yet. You could have a look at this forum and use the Search box at the top to see if anyone can help you, as some other people were discussing the same question on this forum a while ago.

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