Where Can I Get Free Ringtones For Metropcs Samsung Freeform?


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There are a number of websites where you can get ringtones for free which will work with a Metro PCs Samsung Freeform phone. Some of these include:

This site has lots of free ring tones that can be downloaded. Log on to the site, click on the 'content' tab on the top of the screen and then select 'tones'. There should be a list of around 200 ring tones which you can access. Be careful not to click on the wide link on the screen saying 'download ring tones - start here' as this is an advertisement and will take you to another website. The site also has a search tones facility if there is something specific you are looking for.
This site allows you to not only download ring tones, but to create your own too. You will need to register to use the service but it is free and the site gets lots of positive feedback. Be aware though, if you want a ringtone sent to your phone, you will get charged for the cost of the message, or the data if you are doing it that way.

It seems that a lot of users of the Samsung Freeform have had problems downloading tones directly. It seems like the way to combat the problem is to remove the memory card front the phone and put it directly in to you computer. Download the tones to the card and then re-insert the card in to the phone. This allegedly also works if you use a Playstation 3.
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I tried those websites and I was asked to enter my credit card info which makes it not free.
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I have the same phone and got my tones at No charges.
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