The Pin Inside The Charging Port Of My Psp Is Broken. Is There Any Way To Fix It?


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Wow... That is rough... Ok, temporary solution: If you look around your local game stores, or online if you don't have any game stores locally...
 You should be able to find an accessory kit that is sold as a replacement battery and wall charging unit... This unit will be a block with a recess built into it, that will hold the battery that comes with the kit... It will also charge any PSP compatible battery. This will take care of your problem in the short term, however, if you want to replace the charger port on the unit itself, it CAN be done, it will just take some know-how, and the willingness to purchase replacement parts online and crack the case yourself.
 Now, this is all assuming that you have a 'fat' PSP, and thus are also solidly past any warranty period. Assuming this is the case, you can go online and search for 'PSP replacement parts'. Search around and you should find places that sell the internal components individually. Now it's just a matter of finding the power charge port. Once you find one, order it and wait for it to arrive. It will most likely not come with instructions, so you're going to have to go online again and look for (best option is youtube video) instruction on how to various alterations and repairs on a PSP... Use this and (if necessary) a soldering iron (they can be gotten from a local electrical supply shop, like Radio Shack) to replace the port.
 That should do it. I hope I've helped a little, and Best of Luck!!
 Feel free to shout-box me if you need any further help or advice...
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First let the pin go in properly then take a pen and push it inside with full force and then charge

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