How Can I Scan A Doc. Then Make Changes?


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There are many software available that allows you to scan either a text or an image that can be edited after the scan.
You can download one for free off internet. Try "Omni Page Professional 15.0
Click here to find out how to use Omni Page to scan a document for editing.

Another method to do it manually is by saving your scanned document in a TIFF format. To convert it into TIFF format, open the image in Ms Paint then save it with another name with TIFF format.
Now, open Microsoft Office Document Imaging from Start> Microsoft Office Tools.
Now open the TIFF file from File > Open
Now goto the TIFF file again and choose "Send Text To Word" - This action will copy all the  text in the scanned image into a new Word document.
Note: If your scanner doe not have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support then it can not be saved in a text-file to where you can edit it.

Hope it helps.

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