Why Does The Computer Sometimes Fail?


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Computers are very complex machines with increasing numbers of parts. This all leads to an increased chance of computers failing. We wil split failing into two different parts: Permanent fail and just cashing.
Permanent fail means that your computer is broken and will not be working again. This can be caused by a number of factors and issues and can mean that your computer will have lost a number of files. Make sure you back your computer up regularly to prevent this from happening.
Computer's crashing is a far more common and far less fatal thing. Computers crash if there is a slight issue with a programme or it meets an unpatched part of the programme. Sometimes they crash when they get overloaded with requests for information. In fact there are a huge number of reasons for computers crashing.
  • One of the most fatal of these is because of a bug or a virus in the computer. This should be prevented with the use of a virus protection programme or some sort of PC protection. This will limit the chances of you getting a serious problem on your system
  • Computers can also fail if there is a physical problem with the computer, for instance if someone breaks it or bangs into it. Computers are delicate machines and a knock can cause them to fail. Be careful of them and try and prevent banging them or spilling liquids on them.
  • One of the other ways a computer can fail is if it gets a shock through a phone connection during a lightning storm, this can destroy a computer and fry its insides. To prevent this unplug computers during storms ad ensure you have a surge protector.
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There are virtually a lot many reasons. Top three are as under
  1. No virus protection.
  2. Spyware,Malware,Hackers.
  3. Hard drive failure.
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Well there could be many reasons for this just like nidar said. Someone very common ones are your computer has a virus or something has gone wrong with some of the parts!
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Reason of computer system fail to function

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