What's The Code For 32 Inch Tv Its A Vision Quest?


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Can someone answer me I need to know the code for lsd tv 32 inch vision quest
got a new  universal remote
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Vision quest plasma pvq32vgb no power all of a sudden
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After you check the wall plug go back and post this as a question, not a comment. Then look closely at the back of your TV for a reset button. Get back to us, I will do a little research in the mean time.
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I have just purchased a new universal remote and now I am in dire need of manual code for the led TV 32-inch vision quest. Any assistance or help on my mentioned issue would be welcomed. It is great to hire professionals to help me write my research paper on this topic of code for 32 Inch TV.

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It's 2452. Those TV not good it's our second one now the TV has no sensor to pick up the remote control.

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