What Are The Codes For A Sylvania TV?


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Every technological device contains an access code. Similar is the case with all the cable remotes coming nowadays.

The producers of these cable remotes provide the access codes at the time of purchase to the buyer. However, the buyer then has the responsibility of preserving those codes as they are not available anywhere else and are difficult to find if lost.

The Sylvania cable remotes are considered to be the best within this industry and are also consumer's first preference. For that reason, one commonly found question on many blogs is what are the codes for a Sylvania TV?  As for some reason or another, people tend to lose out on the code list provided by the manufacturers.

However, these codes are extremely difficult to find and crack. There is a huge variety of codes for a Sylvanian TV.

Some accept a two digit code whereas some accept three, four of five digit codes. The frequently found answer to the question about the code for Sylvanian TV is 0054, 0030, O17, whereas the 3 digital remote uses the codes 054, 030 or 171. In order to get access to more codes, click on the following link:
However, the above mentioned codes might not work for all the cable remotes made in Sylvania. For this reason, individuals who still haven't found the codes can call at 1(800) 968-3429 in order to get a code that perfectly matches their Cable remote.   

These cable remote codes play an extremely important role in ensuring proper working and operation of the device. Commonly, the manufacturers provide the list of these codes in the user manual and if lost, they at times can cause a lot of trouble to the person using this device.

Reason for this is the fact that these remotes help in operating the majority of the digital and the analog cable boxes, along with the other technological devices such as TV, VCRs, DVD players, and so on. There are a variety of brands producing these remote controls and every brand has its own set of codes.
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Codes tv sylvania
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One of the great TV series is Sylvania TV. Sylvania TV is a very good and quality TV. You can find its code on your manual and if you don't find them there then here is the link for helping you in getting codes
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Use a Logitech (Harmony 300) universal remote.worked on my sylvania flatscreen DVD combo and cable box.
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My sweet puppy ate the remote for my sylvania tv.  The tv has a dvd player built into it. The codes don't work. Is there a universal remote that would work better or will any universal remote work, on I have put in the correct code?  Or would it be better to just buy another Sylvania remote?  Thank you so much.
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Sylvania also can use the same codes as Magnavox & Funai use some of there codes worked for me
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I have a sylvania tv .but I am using a bell remote . I cannot get the codes to use it can you help me thank you?
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I need the code for sst4323 32" sylvania tv to program my dish network remote to work with it.
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Following are come of the codes for Sylvania tv.Try each and every one of the codes .Hope they work properly for you.

0030, 0054, 0096, 0381,

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