What Are The TV Codes For A Sharp?


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There is nothing more frustrating than losing your remote control. If you do, the best option is to purchase a universal remote. If you have a Sharp television and you are struggling to find your required codes to adapt the universal remote to your television then here is some assistance for you. Here are some of the codes that can be used to set your universal remote to your Sharp television. Sometimes, you will find that these codes still do not work - this does happen with some models. If you find this then you can search for more codes by using your universal remote. Turn on the television and the universal remote and then press the Code search button on the remote. You will need to keep this button held down for around three seconds until you see the LED on the remote light up. You should see a list of various codes on the screen, you will then be able to select ones of the codes and store it to the television and the remotes memory. Once this has been successfully achieved the LED should go out, this means the code has been stored. If you ever have any problems with your codes or your remote it is advisable to retry the above method and if the problem still persists contact the manufacturer.
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The TV codes for sharp TV are 173, 095, 171, 004, 006, 012, 029, 111, 112, 113, 12. These codes can be also used to set a universal remote for sharp TV. You can also search the codes from the TV like switch on the device and take the remote and press CODE search. Hold it for three seconds and a LED light will go on. It will find the code and now press enter to store the codes. LED light will go off when the codes will be saved.

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I have a sharp tv and have lost the remote. I bought a RCA univeral remote and am having a hard time getting it to work

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