How Can I Do Library Management In Java (the Code)?


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I'm looking for a program (java) that will ask for library card, validate the card and then ask for what book is to be searched.  Book ISBN or title is entered and the program will then search if the book exist and if available.
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I am working in a project to manage the books in a library. In the project there is to types of users so when you do the login through a GUI you must be able to identify the type of User to display the appropriate screen that they are allowed to work with and I also have to text files, one for one type of user which is the administrator and the other that is a student.  Most of the project works but my only concern is that I do not know how to link my login class with the user file that will be loading the books into my library class. How can  I create an object that contains all information of user, so lthat my library class can tell which user to display and in this way display just the books that this user has.

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The Library Management System in Java is basically designed to simplify the task of management of a Physical library. Since I am not a technical person myself, I will direct you to a website from where you can get codes for library management in java: The link is:

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