Funny Facebook Status Suggestions?


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Following are some funny facebook status hope you like them

  • Max is: Right behind you.
  • Max is: In the Matrix.
  • Max is: Gone rich
  • Max is: Rubbering a bank
  • Max is: Looking for cheat book for exams.
  • Max is: Busy in Inventing new stuff.
  • Max is: Afraid to see himself in the mirror.

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What I've been doing lately is looking at what eveyone else is saying and making fun of it kind of. For example last friday night was our schools first football game so everyone's status was about the game, so I put as my status "insert football game status here". Or on one of my profile pictures I put the caption as "I'm supposed to quote a Taylor Swift song here right?" It usually seems to make people laugh. Hope this helps
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One could be
thats the way how to greet a snow storm "hi"

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