I Have A Acer 5100 Laptop. No Power, No Charge Light, Tried New Battery, Tried New Power Cord. Heard It Might Be Motherboard? I Have A Habit Of Setting Down On The Power Jack. Did I Break The Power Jack?


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You very well might have done. If you have some experience with soldering and doing computer repairs, you could have a go at repairing it yourself; otherwise take it to a reputable repair shop.

To repair it yourself, you will need to remove the motherboard. If one of the pins of the power jack is not making good contact with the mother board you will have to de-solder it from the motherboard so that you can clean the contacts before you solder it back into place.

Add new solder to all three of the contacts in order to make the old solder easier to remove. While you are heating a contact, use a de-solder
pump to remove as much of the old solder as you can; repeat the process with all of the contacts.

Try to remove the power jack from the motherboard; be firm but gentle. If it will not come out, try heating the contacts again while trying to pull it out at the same time, but be careful. There is a copper sleeve inside the positive hole, which you don’t want to pull out.

Once you have got the jack out, clean any oxidized contacts with a knife and then apply new solder to all the contacts and to the terminals on both sides of the motherboard.

Put something underneath the power jack so that there is no space between it and the motherboard and put it back in place. All that is left to do is to solder all the jack pins and replace the motherboard.
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The powerjacks are acutally hard to break. If it does break you have to remove the screw and pull the PC apart. Then you have to get solder and a soldering gun and drop some solder on the broken prong on jack if thats what it is. You make want to check you fuses to make sure their not blown. There the glass tubes with thin wire that should be all the way across. If all seems ok then the next thing would be the power supply. They tend to burn out.
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You traded the battery
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It will be your motherboard. The 5100 was a dud machine. We have had nothing but problems since we bought ours in 2006.

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