Can I Watch Youtube On Nokia 6300?


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Rosie Normanton answered
The Nokia 6300 was not built with an application that allows owners to watch videos on the popular website YouTube. However - you can view some of the videos through the browser on your Nokia 6300 if you so wish.

In order to do this, you will need:

  • Enter the link into your phone's browser
  • Search for the video you wish to watch
  • Download this video
  • Watch it on your phone

The biggest problem with this however is that it can prove to be very costly to the user. This is because you will have to pay data charges for downloading content onto your mobile through the mobile network. Unless this has outlined otherwise in the agreement between you and your network provider, these charges will have to be paid separately to any monthly payments or top-ups that you also pay.

The only way that these data charges do not apply is if you are downloading content using a Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, the Nokia 6300 does not have Wi-Fi capabilities and therefor this is not an option available to people who own this phone.

There are ways that you can download high quality You Tube videos onto your phone and then convert them into the 3GP format which is the format used by Nokia 6300. However - this will require you to download software extensions and other programs which could very well contain spyware or viruses that could be harmful to your phone so it is advised that you do not do this.

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