How Can You Play Oregon Trail Online?


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It is very easy to play the game Oregon Trial Online. Here are the steps:
- Log on to anywebsite having this game. I would recommend
- Select 1 to start the game and choose the profession. Banker is the easiest profession with carpernter and farmer close behind.
- You will have to enter a name as a wagon leader and select 4 people accompanying you.
- Decide on the month. Choose April or may.
- Go to Matt's general store for supplies for the journey.
- Once you are on the trail, you can change your pace and rations by pressing 4 or 5.
- Once you reach the river kansas, look around and if anyone is injured take a rest.
- You can ford the river or caulk the wagon or pay to take a ferry to cross the river.
- Make you own decisions on the way.
- Hunt for provisions using arrow keys and space for shooting
- Make it to willamette valley and you will win the game. Your points will be determined by how much money and ration you are left with and how many of your people are injured.
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Oregon Trail has to be bought on a disc or you could download RealArcade.With RealArcade you can play demos and and buy it.
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