Where Can I Find A Free Online Dictionary For British English?


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Finding a free online British English dictionary is an extremely easy job because of the internet you are able to get loads of free dictionaries of different English dialects from all over the world. All you have to do is go over to any popular search engine and type your query on the search bar. For example, you could go over to the Google search engine and type free British dictionary. You will be provided with tons of links that will lead to the online dictionary programs in the British English format.

You could even visit websites of universities in the UK and almost all of them have a dictionary which is in the British format. You could even purchase an Oxford dictionary from a bookshop and go through it as it is a British English dictionary.
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Hi there! My online tutor Sam also recommended me an Oxford English Dictionary. He says it is the most complete and professional. I know, Sam is a professional teacher and he worked in Oxford, so this is a quite reliable recommendation. I also have a list of other dictionaries. If you need, I can send them to you.

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I don't think you'll find a more authoritative source than the free online Oxford English Dictionary.  There are lots of sub-topics and specialist types of dictionary, within the Oxford Uni. Family of dictionary publications (including their online versions).

But probably equally good for most purposes is the online dictionary run by (rival) Cambridge Uni.  I think I prefer the Cambridge Uni one, because you can browse in a page-listing format.

Of course, you might just be wanting a translation of British English terms into the variations of English used by other cultures.  This page might help, in that case.

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