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K.T.P. Global is a company that sells the 'dream' of working from home and 'being your own boss' - however, the reality can be quite different.

Although not technically a scam, it is highly advised that you should avoid websites and companies such as K.T.P. Global. This is due to the fact you are prone to ending up disappointed and more likely out of pocket than rolling in it - as they tend to make out on their adverts.

Like many similar sites, K.T.P. Global ask for a payment upfront before you are allowed access to their 'secrets of success' information pack. This should always be the first sign something isn't quite right and you should really think long and hard before handing over any money.

They run 'testimonials' on their homepage that state quite frankly ludicrous earnings that some of their workforce were said to have made. However, when you read their disclaimer it states that these testimonials are only used as examples and the earnings you will make are not likely to be anywhere near that. 

The truth is you can easily make absolutely nothing even if you tried everything they said to do and due to you paying upfront for the information and to be a member then you will actually end up worse off.

Like anything if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is. Before handing over any money or making any kind of investment it is of paramount importance that you do some research and make sure everything is legitimate and above board. Try and talk with people who have used the company or have invested in the same thing as they will be honest with you and won't want you losing money the way they might have.

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