Will Your Heart Rate Increase While Playing A Video Game?


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When you play an exciting or stimulating video game, it is entirely possible that your heart rate will increase substantially.

This is because your body reacts to the stimulus of a video game by pumping your body full of adrenaline.

Heart racing whilst playing video games

If you've ever played a high-octane game like Need for Speed or Call of Duty, you'll know how hard it to sit calmly and still in your chair whilst playing.

The reason we get so anxious and hyper when we play games is because the brain reacts to the 'danger' in games in a similar way it would to a situation in real life.

How video games affect heart rate

If you're playing a racing game where your car is just about to careen off a curve at 110 miles per hour, your brain will instinctively react to the situation by releasing hormones that improve your strength and reaction time.

These hormones get your heart pounding faster and your blood racing, so every muscle in your body is fully oxidized and ready to react as quickly and powerfully as possible.

Whilst we might not need to be at such a heightened state of alert when playing a video game, an increased heart rate is simply your body's way of preparing you for danger.

If you enjoy playing video games, but are worried about having a high heart rate- I'd recommend playing games with a more relaxed pace to them!
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When you find the game exciting, the adrenal gland of your body starts secreting hormone, which enables the body to cope up with the upcoming exciting, thrilling or fearful moments. With secretion of this hormone, the heartbeat gets faster.
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Try Penumbra and see for yourself.

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Your heart rate may increase from the fact that you are playing some horror games or shooters that require a lot of concentration and involvement in the process. The thirst for winning makes the heart beat faster, that's a fact. For example, for me, even the excitement when drawing skins for cs go on may cause increased heart rate.

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