How To Jail Break A Blackberry Pearl?


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If you want to jail break, or unlock your Blackberry Pearl, there are two ways to do it; either pay an unlocking service to send you the unlock code for your phone or ask your network to give you the code to unlock your phone. The second option sounds the easiest, plus it’s free, but not all networks will do this and the ones that do will only do it if you are 3 or more months into your contract - so this won’t work for everybody.

1. Choose an unlocking service. Some are more expensive that others, but companies who will unlock your Blackberry Pearl for less than $40 include The Phone Unlockers, Unlock to Talk and GSM Phone Source.
2. Go to their website and select your phone’s make and model. You will then need to enter the IMEI number, which is a 15 digit number and if you don’t know you will either find it on the box your phone came in or you can access by pressing *#06# on your keypad. Some services will also ask you which network your phone is currently locked to.
3. Once you have entered your payment details into the site they will send you the unlock code for your phone in anything from 3 minutes to 48 hours.

Once you have the code, it can be quite tricky to enter it correctly, so here is a brief guide:

1. Go to your menu and then go to ‘settings’ and select ‘SIM card’
2. Hold shift and type MEPD and the locking categories will appear
3. Hold shift and type MEP2
4. You will be asked to enter the Network MEP code. Once you have done this press enter (or return) and your Blackberry Pearl should be unlocked.

Although there are many claims on the internet to have free codes for jail breaking your Blackberry Pearl, these are unlikely to work as every phone will have a different code and it could end up making matters worse. Always try phoning your provider first to see if they will give you the code for free, and if not use one of the paid services listed above; it will work out cheaper than having to buy a new phone.
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You do not 'jailbreak' a blackberry or any other phone that is not an iphone for that matter. Jailbreak as a term is related to the software used to 'unlock' an iphone. And on that note you for the most part can not unlock a blackberry. Unless gsm.

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