How Do You Unlock Jeff Hardy On Smackdown V.s. Raw 2007?


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All you have to do is Play as Matt Hardy in a Ladder Match. Lean a folded ladder against standing up one. Run up the folded ladder. After you do that, grab the belt. If you get the belt down a new belt will appear where the old one was and the match will be restarted. When it is, you won't be playing as Matt anymore, you'll be playing as Jeff!
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This code doesn't work .give us the correct code or can't we unlock jeff hardy on smackdown vs raw2007psp
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I tried that and it didn't work...
It's impossible to grab the belt after running up the ladder.
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Use Matt to get the belt if you get it
you will have Jeff.
Jeff is my favorite Superstar.

From Tony
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Dude but if we do that will we unlock him like in the list of the wrestlers or will play with him only in that match and I tried going up folded ladder it didn't work answer me back dude Sirius Jeff my favorite WWE star
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Play as matt hardy on legend in a ladder match put folded ladders on the standing ladders run into the ladders after you do that grab the title. Than a new title will appear. And you wont be playing as matt anymore youll be palying as jeff!!! Its true I did it
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Heres What You Have To Do First Play A Money In The Bank Ladder Match Play As Matt Hardy Put A Folded Ladder Up Aganst A Standing Ladder Run Up The Ladder Grab The Belt If You Get The Belt Down Then A New Belt Will Appear And Then The Match Will Restart And Then When It Does You Wont Be Playing As Matt Hardy Anymore You Will Be Playing As Jeff Hardy Heres The Other People You got to Put In The Match edge gregory helms mr kenaddy carlito and visera

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