How Do I Unlock Hulk Hogan On Smackdown Vs Raw 2010?


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The online sources on this topic vary. Some sources claim that you can unlock Hulk Hogan on Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 by choosing the cheat code option on the main menu and then by entering one of the following codes:

• HulkAManiaSvR10

Please note that online forums suggest that the above codes are case sensitive. This means that you must type the codes into your game exactly as they appear above. Other online sources suggest that the only way you can use Hulk Hogan as a character on Smackdown VS Raw 2010 is by creating a CAW of Hulk Hogan. This is when you shape a character's features, colorings and figure in order to create a unique character, or, in this case, to create a character who looks like a real person.

According to an online source found at, you should start by using template six. Morph the character's head to 30 10-30, and his forehead to -60 -100 20 -20. On the character's face, morph his eyebrows to -100 100 100 -15, his eyes to -20 -30 0 -20 20 50 -40, his nose to 30 -30 0 60 15 30 40 -40, his check to -100 -100 -100 -100, his mouth to -20 -100 0 20 50 10 -40, his jaw to 25 40 80 30 100 -18 and his ears to -30 0 0 0. His height should be set at 202 cm.

For the character's body, morph his neck to -60 0 0, his chest to 50 0 40, his shoulders to 0 20 08, his abdomen to -30 20 20, his waist to 15 0, his arms, hands and feet to 0 0 0, and his legs to -20 -5 -15.

Once you have created the size and shape of your Hulk Hogan character, you can alter the shades of his skin and hair, give him his iconic mustache, and add tattoos and clothing.
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AllRosters2010 unlock everything
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Go to wrestlemania as r truth money in the bank hulk hogan will come knock him down the scissor kick him for psp
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You can't unlock him

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