How Do I Go To Edit Settings On


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Sign in first (at home page) and then you'll be redirected to the page where you can see the sites you've created and the sites you've subscribed into. All you have to do is click the button beside the site you've created that you want to edit (the button says 'edit this site') and you're ready to go! :)
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I have a problem with webs I accidentally deleted that bar that made me manage my website? So what do I do
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If you have a website-
Go to the site manager page (main page) and look at the gray navbar near the top. On the far right it should say Site Settings. From there you can edit all your site settings.

On the other hand- if you are trying to edit your master account settings (the email account you used to make websites on Webs), then jump ship and join me in my battle to find that information as well.

Hope this helps!

~D. A.
Technical Support and Author for - Join us!
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I clicked
dere I got options to edit different thing like home page,videos etc.
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