How Do You Clear Your Caches And Cookies?


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To clear the cache and the cookies we can use two different methods. The first method is to use the browser's options. In internet explorer right click on the icon and select properties from the popular menu bar. In the general tag, we can see the section "temporary internet files". In this section there are Delete Files button. Press this button. This will display a confirmation dialogue box. Press Ok, all the file in the temporary internet files (cache) will be deleted. If we have IE 6 or later version then we can see Delete Cookies button there. Click this button to delete all the cookies. The other browsers also have such option within their menus.

The second way is to delete all files manually. To use this method, we must know about the folder, which contains the temporary internet files. In Windows 2000 or above, this folder contains in "system_root:\ documents and settings \ account_name \ local settings \ temporary internet files". In windows 98 this folder can be found in "system_root \ windows \ temporary internet files". This folder contains all the cache files and cookies. Go to this folder and delete all the files. The browser must be closed before using this method.
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In window Temporary Internet Files folder is used for collecting files of the web that you have been visited. These files are like images, sounds, web pages and cookies. These data is often referred to as the cache. When files are saved in the folder refer as cache, it provide the browsing to open fast that you have visited the page.
All these files stored in your cache and occupy the space in your hard disk, so it is better that after some period of days you have to clear the stored files from cache.
To clear your cache on the internet explorer go to Tools menu, select the internet options and click, the internet option box will appear a popup window. In the General Tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the delete files button, all files will be deleted.
Also you can delete cookies in the same way, in the temporary internet files section , click on the delete cookies.
Internet Explorer
• Select Tools
• Select Internet Options
• Select Temporary Internet Files
• Select Delete Cookies
• Selete Delete Files
• Select Tools
• Select Options
• Select Privacy
• Select Clear for Cookies and Cache

For using Blurtit:
Select Tools
Select Options
select Privacy
go to show cookies
look for blurtit in the list open it up
look for cookie name phpsessid
click on that and then click remove cookie

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