How Can Implement Organizing Data In A Traditional File Environment?


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An effective information system provides user with timely, accurate and relevant information. This information is stored in computer files when the files are properly arranged and maintained, users can easily access and retrieve the information they need. You can appreciate the importance of the file management if you have ever written a term paper using index cards, no matter how efficient your storage device a metal box or rubber band.

If you organize the cards randomly your term paper will have kittle or no organization. Given enough time, you could put the cards in order, but your system would be more efficient if you set up your organizational scheme early on. If your scheme is flexible enough and well documented you can extend it to account for nay changes in your viewpoint as you write your paper.

The same need for file organization applies to forms. Well managed carefully arranged files make it easy to obtain data for business decisions, whereas poorly managed files lead to chaos in information processing, high costs, poor performance and little, if any flexibility, despite the user of excellent hardware and software. Many organizations have inefficient information systems because of poor file management. Organizing data in a tradition files exist in database.

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