Does The Xbox 360 Have Internal Wireless Built In?


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The newer versions of the Xbox 360 have internal wireless built in and this enables playing without the need for an ethernet connection.

• How does the wireless connection work?

The connection works by allowing access to Xbox Live without the need for cables. You simply need to connect to the relevant network and the access should be there. Once a wireless network has been established the next step is to configure the Xbox to the network. This can then be tested and the access to Xbox Live should be enabled.

• Wireless networks

The signal strength that is required to access Xbox 360 Live services should be reasonably strong, so if the wireless connection you are trying to connect to is too far away from the console, connectivity could be a problem. Many wireless networks are now security enabled, so if you have are planning on using someone else's wireless connection then the connection cannot be security enabled or the connection will not be possible.

• Older versions of the Xbox 360

Older versions of the Xbox 360 are not automatically able to connect to a wireless network, as they don't have a wireless adapter built in to the system. A stand-alone wireless adapter can be purchased, and this can be plugged into the Xbox 360 to enable wireless connectivity. Wireless adapters are available from most software accessory stores and cost approximately $60.

• Xbox Live

This is an online multiplayer service that enables a number of people to partake in the same game at the same time. With wireless headsets the players are also able to talk to each other, and the Xbox Live access carries a small monthly charge.
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The new Xbox 360 4GB and 250GB Slim have built in WiFi but you need a wirless adapter if you have the other model
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The new one does. You just need xbox live
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No, you have to buy the wireless adapter which is around $100. Or you can just use a cable.
No it doesnt you will have to buy tha wireless internet adopter and that cost like 12 bucks et-lease under 20 dollars

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