How Can We Make Windows XP Registered With Out Actually Registering It?


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You can change the windows setting such that it is assumed to have completed online registration, and then you can enjoy the benefits of registered windows.
This method consists of different steps as follows:
1. First of all choose the Run command from the start menu of windows XP.
2. Type in "Regedit" in the open text box and click OK to run it.
3. It will show a window of Registry Editor.
4. This window contains registry files that are organized same as in windows explorer. The directories are displayed on left side of this window and files within the directories are shown on right side.

5. Now go to the directory named as 'H-KEY-LOCAL-MACHINE'.
6. Further go to the directory 'SOFTWARE' under the directory selected above.
7. Now again choose a directory named 'Microsoft' from the directory of 'SOFTWARE'.
8. Select the directory 'Windows NT' from the above selected directory.
9. At last choose the directory 'Current Version' from the directory named 'Windows NT'.
10. Now select an option 'New' from 'Edit' menu.
11. And select the sub option 'String Value' from 'New' menu.
12. A new file will be displayed in the right side named as "New Value #1". Change the name of this file as "RegDone"
13. Right click on this file and set the value as 1.

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