What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Washing Machine?


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one of the most important advantage  of washing machine is save your time. You can do a lot of other works such as cleaning the house, cooking,
education. You do not have to take a long time to wait for the drying
of clothes. Because in the process, there is very little water left on
clothes.second most important advantage of washing machine is  effort  .When washing clothes by hand, you lose a lot of energy to pitcher clothes, rinse, wring and clean clothes. With washing machine


          If washing machines have strong points like convenience and time saving,
then it also has its bad point. Some bad points of washing machine are
taking too much the electricity, detergent powder, and water. Using a
washing machine really needs electricity to activate so monthly, we will
have an additional electric bill. It also takes much expensive
detergent powder and water more than hand washing.


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Hi from my point of view, washing machine is the wonderful machine because it save our time and actually a lot of people have at least 2 of washing machine in their house ,,

Honestly, it is fabulous machine ever

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