What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Answering Machines?


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Answering machines permit us to get the answers or important information when we are not in the state or busy to attend the phone calls.

Answering machines have made the lives pretty easier as they kept the record of the people who have called aur left messages in your absence.

You can shun the unwanted calls with the help of the advance versions answering machines as it shows the id and phone number of the caller.

With the help magic blend of the caller ID and answering machine you can be ready to receive anything good or bad calls without being anxious about missing any important call.


There is lack of privacy in using an answering machine as anyone at home can listen to someone's private messages.

Although answering machines can help you in a number of ways, due to increase cell phones , its features does not support the modern world criteria.

If you are not at home you cannot respond to the important messages immediately.
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1.answer missed calls when not home.
2.if you don't want to answer let machine catch it call back later.
3.saves phone number and names if you forget
4.you don't have to talk to telemarketersor bill collecters
5.leave a nice greeting that can make someones day
6.you can check your messages from another phone to save time.
Hopefully this helps
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An disadvantage is that what that person says about you may be heard by someone else in your home and misunderstood. An advantage is that you will have that person's verbal information on recording so you can look back on it if you forget.
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Investigate the e-mail policy at your work or college. Does the organisation
insist that hard copies of all e-mails are retained and filed? What security
procedures does the organisation have in place?

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