What Are The Disadvantages Of A Photocopier Machine?


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There are three main disadvantages to having a photocopier:

  • They are fairly bulky and difficult to store
  • They use up a lot of paper (and are therefore not very environmentally friendly)
  • They are pretty expensive to buy and service
The disadvantages of a photocopier
When I first moved to London as a student, I was living in a house-share in Camden, North London.
I spent a year living in a rather lovely house, with some great flatmates; but there were two main issues I had with my stay there:

  • The first was that I was sharing a single bathroom with 3 females (you can't imagine how long the wait for the bathroom was in the morning).
  • The second was a giant photocopier that lived on the landing right outside my room.
This photocopier looked like it had dropped right out of the '80s, and its existence confused me because none of my flat mates seemed to use it very much. As far as I could tell, it was purely decorative.

This highlighted one of the major flaws of the photocopier - its size.

The dark side of photocopying
These days most of our communication is done online. Even emailing someone seems like a bit of a chore these days, compared to mediums like Twitter, Facebook or text messaging.

Technology has eliminated the need for a constant paper trail - we can store all the information we'll ever need in a computer the size of photocopier's paper tray.

Constantly photocopying documents takes up physical space and electricity, but it also means we get through a lot more paper. This means more trees need to be cut down, and therefore more animal-habitats are destroyed.

With their habitats destroyed, animals risk being displaced and dying out, disrupting the food chain- and ending the natural balance of the world as we know it. And all because you wanted to use your precious photocopier!

Why photocopiers are evil

If none of the above has put you off, consider the fact that a photocopier costs around £900!

In most cases, you can simply use an inexpensive fax machine, or even a scanner and printer combo - there's no need to splurge on a full-size photocopier.

Finally, the day your photocopier breaks down will be the worst day of your life. As fewer and fewer people use these devices, getting hold of someone who knows how to fix them has become more difficult. And even when you do find these coveted technicians, they often command a hefty premium.

Finally, here's a video highlighting the dangers of a photocopier in the workplace:

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