Advantages and disadvantages of feature driven development?


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  • Where to look for the information that you require

Have a look at this site as it contains responses from people who have had experience using feature driven development; these individuals talk in depth about not only why they chose to use it, but the different issues they have found with it, plus the features that they discovered as being really useful: .

  • What is Feature Driven Development?

Also known as FDD, Feature Driven Development is a process that some businesses use, in which they focus totally upon developing an already thought of product, rather than examining the market and seeing what the consumer could benefit from.

By doing this, the business sticks solely to what they are good at; they develop goods that fall under an area that they have both experience and knowledge in, creating something that should be, by all accounts, one of the best in its field.

This way of invention is also useful to the owner of the business, especially so if it is a small company, as it means that there is no need to employ extra people, some of which may be expensive, because of their knowledge; this way of doing things should ensure that the boss has most, if not all, of the expertise require to make a success of their business venture.

The negative side of Feature Driven Development is that there may be no demand for your product, therefore meaning that the business will struggle to make money, which is of course one of the main purposes of developing a firm of your own.

It is for this reason that the usual background search on the market should be taken before work is started. Questionnaires and surveys are just an example of the things that you can do to see if your idea could be a success.

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