What Is The Charter Remote Program Code For A Samsung Tv?


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The following video on the Charter website should be able to help you identify exactly which Charter remote you have, which is a useful starting point in managing to find out the code that you need for a Samsung TV.

If you have Charter's Universal Remote, then you can access the User Guide by visiting

This user guide contains a comprehensive list of three-digit codes that can be used for programming your remote depending on what type of television you have. For a Samsung TV, the user guide suggests one of the following codes:
•    004
•    101
•    127
•    133
•    143
•    160
•    089
•    105
•    070
•    184
•    185
•    192

For TV/VCR combinations or TV/DVD combinations, there is a further list of possible codes. These can be viewed by clicking on the link above for the user guide for the universal remote.

If none of the applicable three digit code numbers work, then you can use the Auto Search Method to find the correct three digit code number for your equipment by following these steps:
•    Turn on your TV.
•    Press the 'Device' button and 'Select' button simultaneously for three seconds and wait for the LED light to turn on.
•    Point the remote control at the equipment and alternately press the CH+ and CH- button and the 'Mute' button. If the right code number is sent the equipment will turn off.
•    Press the same 'Device' button to store the code.

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