Is There Any Fun Websites To Go On When Your Bored? Please Answer


5 Answers

Paul Degough Profile
Paul Degough answered
I made a website when I was bored for bored people
holly NOT BUSH Profile
holly NOT BUSH answered
Arcademic skill builders .com. Or you can scream your face to someone or just eat cheese. Or  make a nickname, preferably something stupid like potato head. Mine's twitch!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Compare the meerkats (you know)
facebook (you know)
vizwoz (cool chatroom, safe)
we7 (wicked music)
grooveshark (wicked music) (if you're bored)
tesco digital (doesn't sound too cool, but you can download
cool stuff really cheap)

and also, type in 'funny signs' on goodle images, there are some
really funny ones. There are really random ones, and some
rude ones, you know, but they're mostly really funny!! Keeps me
amused for ages... :D

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