What Is IEEE 1394 Connector?


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An IEEE 1394 connector is a type of connector, which allows you to connect and disconnect high-speed serial devices. IEEE 1394 connectors are generally on the back of your computer close to the serial port or the parallel port. If a device is IEEE 1394 compatible, connection of the device to the IEEE 1394 connector whereas the computer is running and Windows will detect the device and notify you when it is ready for use. In addition, unplugging the device while the computer is working, using the Add Hardware Wizard to notify Windows that device is unplugged. Windows will then notify you when the device can be unplugged from the computer.

The IEEE 1394 bus used mostly to connect high-end digital video and digital audio devices to your computer; though, some hard disks, scanners, printers, and DVD drive May also able to connect to your computer using the IEEE 1394 connector. When portable devices can connect to computers with ease and accomplish quick transfers of data painlessly, the usefulness of these devices goes up exponentially. In other words, cool gadget and computers have a synergy that makes them more fun when used together. Like the Universal Serial Bus (USB), IEEE 1394 is a serial data transfer protocol. They both support hot swapping—the ability to add and remove devices from a computer while it is running. However, IEEE 1394 has advantages. IEEE 1394 has a transfer rate of 400 Mbps.

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