How Can I Access My Saved MSN Conversations On My Computer?


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Louise Gorman answered
When you select the option on MSN for your conversations to be saved, they are automatically saved into a folder called 'My Received Files' unless you choose otherwise.

To access your saved conversations, first click on 'Start' and then click on 'My Documents'. Click on 'My Received Files'. There should be a folder with your name on. Click on the folder. This should now take you to a folder entitled 'History'.

Click on the folder. You should now have access to all your saved conversations. To view conversations with specific contacts, you just need to click on their name and any past conversations with that particular contact should open up in a new window.
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ghazal gi answered
Well if you have selected the option in the msn messenger to save your conversation then you can see the all of your conversation with any users via going to the installed msn location. Mostly it is c:/program files/yahoo so with in that in the messenger folder and then in the profiles you can see your conversation files which you can open via notepad or else.

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