How Does A Set Top Box Work?


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A Set Top Box processes digital information.Set Top Box used to receive encoded/compressed digital signals from the signal source and decodes/decompresses those signals, converting them into analog signals that our analog TV can understand
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A set-top box is a device that connects to a television and an external source of signal, turning the signal into content which is then displayed on the television screen or other display device. With advancements in technology, STBs have become more complex added with great features. A slew of newer set-top boxes like the Zaggbox and SlingBox have made video streaming very convenient. The Zaggbox device acts as a central hub for your various home TV devices (Xbox, Blu-ray player, PS3, DVR, cable box etc.), a way to watch media from devices on your home network. The ZAGGbox allows for home automation. The ZAGGbox allows for home automation. Equipped with a universal remote and utilizing the Z-Wave system, it will be compatible with security systems, HVAC systems, door locks, or lighting. Seriously the traditional set-top boxes have come a long way from just decoding data and turning into content which can be displayed on TVs.
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A set-top box performed the function of converting data that it received into a format that was viewable on the television screen. It performed this task by converting the analog cable TV channels into video that was viewable on a television set. The modern day set top boxes allow digital cable channels to be received and help to descramble premium cable channels.

The set top box is an ambiguous term that refers to several different generations of such devices. They include Broadcast TV Set top boxes which were a kind of primitive version of set top boxes, Enhanced TV set top boxes which mostly used phone lines for receiving signals, Advanced Set top boxes which contained processors, memory, hard drives and software installed, sidecar, and finally Hybrid digital cable boxes.
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The Set top box acts as a media between your TV  and Transmitter, Set top box is also called as Decoder box, which will receive the whatever the data transmitted from the transmitter.

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