Hi, I Want To View Indian Channels In Usa Through Set Top Box Can Some One Tell Me How Will It Work And What All Devices I Need In India And Usa.Thanks...jazz?


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If you have a need or want to watch TV from India while in the United States, you have several options from which to choose. If you don't mind watching content that has already aired, there is a good chance your video is somewhere on YouTube or another web site of this type, and you can watch it there. If you'd like to watch TV in real-time from India, there are a couple of options and several vendors who can provide this service. Most have options that are relatively inexpensive and do not take a large amount of equipment to make them work well. 

There are several authorized dealers for India TV in America, and a short Google search will provide you with a long list. With most of these providers a set-up box is needed and you'll have a choice of packages that are available to you, and you'll choose based on your viewing habits. You must have a high-speed internet connection with at least a 1.5 MB per second transfer rate. Most India TV providers have a plug-and-play device that you'll use, and you'll be ready to watch TV from across the globe.

One of the choices on the market today is They have a robust web site that can guide you through the entire process of set-up with ease.  They also offer a wide range of programs that are sure to please everyone in your family from children to the elderly, from educational shows to pure entertainment. 

In this day and age of global technology, the world has become much smaller and things that were not imaginable just a few years ago are now reality. Now you can watch TV shows from India live from the comfort of your own home at a price that is not prohibitive.
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I am an authorised dealer for most of the Indian channels . All you need is to purchase a STB (set top Box )and the channels package you want to watch.
You need to have a hi-speed internet with at least 1.5 MB/s to stream the video. It is a plug and play system .
Please visit my site  . If you have any questions email me . Thanks

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