Where To Find Rare Candies In Pokemon Ruby?


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  • Where can you find Candies in Pokemon Ruby?
Rare candies can be found in Pokemon Ruby by using the 'item finder'. The item finder can be used in any situation to find hidden items in a particular area. In Pokemon Ruby you can find the item finder on route 101 and this will then help you find rare candies through the game.

  • What are Candies in Pokemon Ruby?
Rare candies appear in most of the Pokemon games and they have a very special use. They can be used to level up, which means that the trainer does not have to battle to raise their Pokemon.

There are limited amounts of rare candies but there are cheats to obtain more. You should always refrain from using the cheats as it takes away some of the fun of the game and the sense of achievement at the end that only players who know they have legitimately completed the game can experience.

  • What is Pokemon Ruby?
Pokemon Ruby is the third installment of the Pokemon games and published on the Game Boy Advance. All of the Pokemon games and the TV show have been extremely popular and is now rated as the second most popular computer game in the world after the Mario Brothers games. Pokemon games were first released in 2002 and they have since evolved and developed and there are now many versions of the games available for players. A new generation of Pokemon fans have come along since 2002 and the game has had to adapt to the needs and wants to this new, younger generation and the computer technology available today. There are now many more characters and plots to the story-lines of the games to keep them fresh and exciting for everyone involved.
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In caves and places where you cannot reaches without receiving HM moves.
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Go to mt pyre surf down to route 123 go right use cut the go down tthen right and there you have a rare candy you can also win one in the trick house first stage or near the trick house go right surf upwards and then on little island a another rare candy. Also there one when you surf on route 106
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I need to find all the rare candeys BUT without useing gameshrke or cahet master or beating the elite 4 gust help me get rare candies

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