How Can Unblocked My Land Line To Get Any Calls?


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You need to go through the unblocking procedure of your land line service provider. Had you provided the reason of your phone getting blocked, I could help you more better,
There can be three ways for that:
You can call helpline of your Land line provider from any where and ask them the reason that made your phone blocked and ask them the way to get the problem solved.
You can E-mail them and ask them the unblocking process,
You can also visit their nearest customer service center and ask them the quick help procedure.
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When I dial my friends phone number from my line, it comes up saying, (The person your calling does not except anonymous calls).  My friend has talked to his provider to see if it is his line that is faulty, but he says it is ok.  I need to find out what is causing the problem my end.

I am with Talk Talk and from my phone it will not let me get to my friends number as I have said.  Its coming up as,
the person your calling can not except anonymous calls.  Please help me resolve the problem my end.

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